Alternate Medium of Tuition

April 9, 2020

Dear Principals


This is in continuation of Institute’s communication/advisory dated March 23, 2020 in the context of COVID-19 outbreak, vide which some urgent measures were suggested, keeping in view the health and safety of our students and RAETs/RASSs. It has been noted that some RAETs did not follow the advisory in true letter and spirit.

In view of the prevailing situation due to Covid-19 and related Government  measures it appears that restrictions on movements and prohibition of gatherings would continue for some more weeks and in-person classes would not be possible till such time the situation is normalised.

While the Institute would be developing guidelines for effective and sustainable alternate modes of tuition, in consultation with all stakeholders, to ensure continuity of learning facilities for the students, in the meantime, RAETs/RASS are advised as follows:

  1. RAETs/RASS may start providing tuition and learning facilities to students through alternate medium(s) – including online/ recorded lectures, digital learning material, assignments/tests, feedback etc. However, all government directions and health and safety precautions are to be fully complied with while using available on-site infrastructure facilities.
  2. The students who had registered for in-person classes should be given free choice to opt for such alternate medium(s). It is also expected that matter of fees received from students who do not opt for alternate medium(s) will be resolved in a fair and just manner.
  3. In order to remain aware of the on ground situation, the Institute would like to receive within 15 days the information about the alternate learning arrangements made by RAETs/RASS, including the issues/hardships faced by students and RAETs/RASS. Any changes in such arrangements should also be communicated to the Institute.

We pray that we all get through this difficult time safely and come out as stronger fraternity.

Syed Masood Akhtar