Outreach Brand Ambassador Program 2023-24

Become Future Business Leaders, Gain Valuable Work Experience, Contribute to the Growth of Profession and Grow your Professional Network

What is the CA Brand Ambassador?

1.To showcase our young CAs as effective marketing tool for creating inspirational resonance towards aspiring students.
2.Our aim is to encourage the ambassadors to become future business leaders by providing them with a platform to refine their presentation and communication skills, as well as expand their professional networks.
3.To enhance our outreach efforts and increase the counseling sessions in each respective city

What will be the tenure?

Initially the understanding will be for 6 months

What are the main Responsibilities of Role?

1.To conduct the 4 career counseling sessions in the HSSC or A-level colleges on monthly basis.
2.The sessions will be scheduled by the MARCOM team in the respective city for each Outreach BA on monthly basis, starting from September 2023 onwards.

What are the role specific competencies (Criteria, qualifications and interests)?

1.Qualified young CA (2018 to till Date)
2.Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
3.High levels of energy and enthusiasm
4.Have the desire to participate and connect with aspiring students
5.Well organized, efficient, confident and a team player

What will be the Age limit?

The maximum age limit will be 35 years.

What recognition and incentives will be provided?

1.Rs. 25,000 will be paid to each BA on conducting of 4 counseling session within a month or Rs, 6000 per counseling session. Further we will provide various MOC opportunities in our major events wherever possible.

How to Apply?

To apply, please provide the following information along with a video message that is less than one minute long, explaining why you believe you should be chosen for the Brand Ambassador Role, to Mr. Aamir Malik, 0333-7668554, aamir.malik@icap.org.pk