Dear All

We are going through testing times as Coronavirus (COVID-19) is unfolding one of the worst healthcare crisis across the globe. In such a global health calamity, rapid response and collaborative efforts make all the difference. As a socially responsible profession, we all – the Institute, members, students, our education and training partners – must work together as one community to address the challenges of this pandemic.
You would be aware that for the safety of our members, students and staff, we took several measures recently, such as postponement of AFC examinations, closure of all libraries, suspension of all events involving physical gatherings and encouraging staff to work from home as far as possible.
As the situation evolves, it appears that the virus has now virtually brought to a halt all activities across the globe. The next few weeks are really crucial for all of us, more so in Pakistan as Federal and Provincial Governments are bracing for extraordinary measures for containment of this deadly virus. At ICAP, we are continuously assessing the emerging situation and being conscious of these exceptional developments, we have taken further unprecedented and difficult decisions which are being shared here for the guidance of all stakeholders.

AFC, CFAP and MSA Examinations – June 2020
The above examinations have been postponed for the time being. The new examination dates would be announced once the situation normalizes. Accordingly, the last date for submission of examination forms has also been extended till further notice.
CAF Examinations – September 2020
We are assessing the impact of the situation on September 2020 examinations. If considered necessary, the examinations would be delayed. However, any decision in this regard would be taken as early as possible, after taking into consideration the ongoing situation.
Result of CAF (Spring 2020) Examinations
Though all efforts are being made to declare the result of recently held CAF examinations in time, however, there could be delay in the declaration of result which would be advised accordingly.
ICAP Training Organizations and Trainee students
The Training Organizations (TOs) and Trainees are advised to adopt the following practices till normalization of work routines:
1.      The TOs must devise ways and means to encourage Trainees to work from home. Only when it is extremely necessary, Trainees may be called to office for work. However, while making any decision in this regard, the TOs should ensure that the instructions of Federal & Provincial Governments are complied with in letter and spirit.
2.      For Trainees who are required to work in office, the following precautionary measures must be put in place:

  • Seating arrangement should be altered as to ensure social distancing
  • Flexible timings are allowed so as to minimize gathering
  • All necessary hygienic precautions as advised by the Government and World Health Organization (WHO) are put in place.

3.       Personal health is an important and sensitive matter and in the existing situation, every individual has the right to determine what is best for him/her. Therefore, no Trainee should be forced to come to office. While the TOs are advised to take due care of their Trainee students and staff, the Trainee students are also expected to fully cooperate and support their respective organizations as much as possible. 
4.      If the circumstances cause prolonged absences of Trainee students from office/work, the TOs and Trainee students are expected to manage the same amicably. We are monitoring the situation and will develop further guidelines in this regard, which shall be announced in due course.
RAETs, RASS and their CA students
All RAETs & RASS are advised to suspend all their CA classes (including online classes) immediately for three weeks. We would like to emphasize that while scheduling examinations, due consideration shall be given to this suspension of classes.
Facilitation measures
It has been decided to close all the Institute’s offices except for essential services. However, our staff would continue to work from home as far as possible. To facilitate our members, students and other stakeholders, the following helplines would be available from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm, to respond to any queries:

+92-345-3192816 8:30 am to 2:30 pm
+92-333-2508262 2:30 pm to 8:30 pm

While we pray for the safety of all our stakeholders, we have also decided to establish an emergency fund to help deserving students, members and staff in critical/distressed situations because of COVID-19. The person in critical condition may send email at or send SMS at 0320-5550416 and the Institute will try its best to support. However, in order to ensure maximum benefit, all are advised to request this facility in distress situation only.
I would like to reassure you that your leadership is making all possible efforts to ensure continuity of Institute’s professional activities as far as possible. Please note that as a responsible organization, the Institute would abide by all instructions from Government agencies which may limit our ability to perform certain functions. Further, we would continue to evaluate the situation on a regular basis and keep you updated accordingly.
At the end, I would request all of you to join me in praying to Allah SWT to protect all of us from the adversities of the virus and grant us wisdom, strength, courage and patience to successfully come out of the prevailing crisis. Undoubtedly, the whole world is going through a very difficult time and the need to stand united, collaborate and support each other cannot be emphasized more.

With prayers and warm regards

Khalilullah Shaikh, FCA
President ICAP