Trainee Induction Fair 2019

The ‘Trainee Induction Fair’ aims to stimulate professional awareness among the students by bringing together experts and protagonists of change to have a pragmatic and perspicacious discourse on the ‘skill-set expected from the aspiring chartered accountants to lead a trajectory of success on fast track’. Along with integrating knowledge from both the inside and outside practice, the session will also highlight the role of training organizations in opening a new avenue of technical learning and expanding the professional horizon for trainee accountants.

Through this platform, ICAP wishes to invite you to this prestigious talk for spreading awareness and inspiring change for career diversity. We are proud to present a diverse line-up of speakers from the fields of education and training organizations (inside and outside practice).

The event will be providing an opportunity of walk-in interviews at the open house session where more than 20 Training Organizations will be joining us to select the right candidates for their teams.

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