Webinar on Students’ Emotional Well-Being

Dear ICAP Students,

ICAP is arranging a Live Webinar on ‘Students’ Emotional Well-Being’ on October 18, 2023, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Webinar Objective:

The primary aim of this webinar is to shed light on a vital aspect of student well-being – mental health. Students face immense pressures throughout your educational journey, training, and career pursuits. This webinar is designed to empower you with the knowledge to recognize signs and symptoms related to common emotional and mental health challenges. Additionally, participants would be equipped with practical strategies to promote and sustain optimal emotional health.

Learning Outcomes:

By participating in this webinar, you can expect to:

  • Identify common signs and symptoms of emotional and mental health issues.
  • Gain a better understanding of the stigma surrounding mental health.
  • Increase awareness of your own attitudes toward emotional and mental health and related illnesses.
  • Enhance your understanding of how stress impacts individuals and teams’ well-being.
  • Develop awareness of actions that safeguard emotional and mental health and learn how to access support, whether for yourself or to assist others.
  • Acquire the skills to intervene in a practical manner to support individuals with emotional or mental health conditions.

Registration Details:

Please be aware that there is no fee to attend this webinar but the number of seats are limited, hence get yourself registered before October 16, 2023, to secure your spot. To register, please follow this link:
Registration Link
Webinar Flyer
Trainer’s Profile

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your understanding of emotional well-being and mental health.

Best regards,