Our Vision,Mission & Core Values

Enabling professional excellence while contributing towards sustainable economic development and promoting public trust

To achieve excellence in professional competence, add value to businesses and economy, safeguard public interest; ensure ethical practices and contribute to good corporate governance while recognising the needs of globalisation.

Our Core Values:

Our core values supports the vision of our Institute, shape the culture and reflects our values , the essence of our Institute’s identity – it’s principles and beliefs.

i. Integrity and Independence
Integrity, independence and adherence to ethical standards are the hallmark of the Institute’s culture. These values are promoted at all levels, be it the employees, the members, students, the Council and any other stakeholder.

ii. Professional Excellence
At the Institute, we truly believe in the adage ‘Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well’. We aspire for professional excellence in all spheres of the Institutes activities, be it education & training, examinations, members’ development, standards’ setting & adoption, quality control mechanism or the process of investigation.

iii. Transparency
The Institute is open about all its activities, practices and policies as transparency is the key to good governance and is essential for building trust among the stakeholders and in enhancing the organization’s effectiveness.

iv. Innovation
ICAP recognizes that sustained development can only be ensured if we adapt with change including technological developments. ICAP always takes initiatives to respond to changing dynamics of the profession, keeping it relevant for sustainable growth.

v. Equity & Fairness
There is unanimity of view at the Institute that merit and merit alone would remain the criteria for decision making at all levels and spheres. In ICAP, every stakeholder’s views are heard and respected and there is zero tolerance for disrespect, harassment and injustice.

vi. Team Culture
At the Institute, we believe in working together to create synergy and succeed. Close collaboration between all the stakeholders is an important part of ICAP’s culture.

vii. Accountability
The Institute considers itself accountable and ensures ethical responsibility in its dealings with all its stakeholders. Furthermore, the Institute safeguards public interest.

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