ICAP and IBA Research Roll-Out for Innovation and Progress

The Institute of Chartered Accountant Pakistan (ICAP), ICAP and IBA Research Unit Committee conducted a momentous ceremony “ICAP and IBA research roll out for Innovation and Progress” on 12th August 2023. The event commenced with introductory remarks delivered by Mr. Khalillhullah Shaikh, Chairperson of the IIRU Committee, former President ICAP.

During the Event Mr. M. Ali Latif, FCA, President of ICAP, unveiled two research papers at ICAP Head Office, Karachi.

  • The first paper, authored by Dr. Abdur Rahman Aleemi, is titled "Market Power of Banks in the Pre and Post-Digital Finance Era: Financial Inclusion and the Role of Fintech."
  • The second paper, titled "A Diagnostic Analysis of the Role of Middlemen in Financing and Marketing of Agricultural Business: Its Impact on the Earnings of Farmers and Consumer Prices – A Case Study of Potato Farmers," was authored by Dr. Khalid Mushtaq.
  • These papers were developed by the IIRU Committee.

Mr. Haroon Tabrez from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Mr. Asad Feroze Vice President ICAP, and  Mr. Rashid Masood member ICAP also attended the Ceremony.

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