Ethics Dilemma APP

ICAP Ethics Dilemma is an online application available on Android and iOS. The objective of the App is to create awareness about the ethical dilemmas that professional accountants face in their day to day business activities. It also aims to share possible solutions to ethical dilemmas and the statistics as to which ones are most preferred amongst the Members.

The App contains a list of scenarios for users to read and select the preferred solution to respective dilemmas. Once the user attempts the scenario, statistics for the most preferred option will be revealed. There is also an option within the app to submit your own ethical dilemma in the form of a scenario along with four possible solutions. Once the User submits the scenario, ICAP team will review it and post it on the app. The submission is completely anonymous. The App also contains ICAP Code of Ethics for reference.

With time, the app will be updated and new features will also be added in it. For feedback, please email at

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