Council Directives Relating to QCR

Directive 4.13


The Council has decided that firms/ sole proprietorships of practicing Chartered Accountants should furnish to the Institute a complete list of their audit clients as of 30th June (within 3 months) each year, and as and when required, to enable the Professional Standards Compliance Department to carry out its Quality Control Review (QCR) programme. All practicing members are directed to extend full cooperation to successfully implement the QCR programme so as to ensure maintenance of the highest standards in practice.

Attention of members is drawn to Bye-Law 8 (3) of the Chartered Accountants Bye-Laws, 1983 which states that the validity of the Certificate (of practice) shall, on payment of the annual fee, and on fulfillment of the directives of the Council, be extended from time to time. Thus, in order to renew the Certificate of Practice, it is essential for members to comply with the above requirement.

It was also decided that all firms / sole proprietorship of practicing Chartered Accountants may include a clause in their letter of engagement to all their limited liability company clients, stating that the working paper files pertaining to the client would be subject to Quality Control Review by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan without any reference to the client.

(135th Meeting of the Council – 6 December, 1999)


Directive 4.15


The Council has reiterated that it is a professional requirement for practicing Chartered Accountants to submit their audit working paper files for a Quality Control Review (QCR) by the Institute. Thus practicing members are directed to only accept audit engagements, if the client gives consent to a QCR.

(142nd Meeting of the Council – 7 April , 2001)

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