Hardbound copies of study materials and IFRS

The Institute has formalized arrangement for hardbound printing of study materials with Kodwavi Printing Services. Students, who are interested in hardbound copies of the study material, can place their orders for purchase, either through their website ( “Kodwavi Printing Services”)  or by visiting their office. Details are provided below.

Address:               Mezzanine floor, Niaz-e-Hussain Building,
                                Moor Street, Outram Road, Near Dakhni Masjid, Pakistan Chowk, Karachi.
Website:              https://kodwavi.com/shop
Whatsapp:          0336 0120149

Please note that students and members can continue to access the soft copies of study material through their secured area on the Institute’s website.

Approved price list:

List of Books Rate
PRC-1 Business Writing and Comprehension Skills-Study Text 530
PRC-2 Quantitative Methods – Study Text 800
PRC-3 Principles of Economics – Study Text 920
PRC-4 Introduction to Accounting – Study Text 800
PRC-5 Introduction to Business – Study Text 410
CAF-1 Financial Accounting and Reporting – 1 – Study Text 1000
CAF-2 Tax  Practices – Study Text 880
CAF-2 Tax  Practices – Question Bank 620
CAF-3 Cost and Management Accounting – Study Text 1100
CAF-4 Business Law – Study Text 620
CAF-5 Financial Accounting and Reporting-II – Study Text 1440
CAF-6 Managerial and Financial Analysis – Study Text 820
CAF-7 Company Law – Study Text 870
CAF-8 Audit and Assurance – Study Text 530
CAF-8 Audit and Assurance – Question Bank 440
CFAP-1 Advanced Accounting and Financial Reporting – SSM 1100
CFAP-1 Advanced Accounting and Financial Reporting – PK 700
CFAP-2 Advanced Corporate Law and Practices – PK 710
CFAP-3 Strategy and Performance Measurement – SSM 1380
CFAP-4 Business Finance Decisions – SSM 1100
CFAP-4 Business Finance Decisions – PK 830
CFAP-5 Tax Planning and Practices – PK 1020
CFAP-6 Audit, Assurance and Related Services – SSM 1350
MSA-1 Financial Reporting and Assurance – Professional Competence – Workbook 1800
MSA-2 Management Professional Competence – Workbook 1800

ICAP is pleased to inform that the “Handbook of Selected IFRS, included in the syllabus of CAF, is available for purchase.
For orders, please use “Sales of Publication” tile available at your student log-in Area.
Handbook of Selected IFRS for students is for Rs. 3,150 ONLY.
For queries and concerns, please write to studypacks@icap.org.pk

For ISA and Code of Ethics, students and members can place their orders using “Sales of Publication” tile available at Members/Students secured log-in Area.

Approved Price List (Exclusive of delivery charges)

  Members Students
ISA 2022 Rs. 1500 Rs. 900
Code of Ethics 2019 Rs. 250 Rs. 250

For queries and concerns, please write to studypacks@icap.org.pk

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