FAQs – Recruitment Process

Can I send my resume via fax, mail or e-mail?
We encourage you to apply through our online job portal. However, we also mention our e-mail address in all our job advertisements published in the newspapers.

How do I apply for a position at ICAP?
By visiting our job portal on our career site, you can find all current positions. Once you find a position according to your qualification and experience, you will be required to register a profile in our application tracking system, and apply to positions suitable to your experience and interest.  

How do I find the closing date for applications?
Each closing date is mentioned on our job advertisement for all the positions posted on our job portal. 

Can I apply for more than one position?
You can apply for each position that matches your qualification, experience and requirements as identified by the position. We will consider your application for each position for which you apply. Moreover, we encourage you to highlight your skills and competencies.

Can I register an account without applying for a position?
Unfortunately, you have to register an account with us and then you can apply.

What is the minimum requirement for submitting a job application?
Each job has its specific requirements. However, we require your basic contact information (name, email, phone number, CNIC) before you submit an application. 

Will I get informed when a job has been filled?
No, we do not notify applicants when a job has been filled.

Who can view my applicant profile?
Your profile is visible to the recruitment and selection team of our Institute.

Can I apply from another country?
ICAP welcomes to receive global job applications. For shortlisted candidates, interviews are done through various channels such as skype, blue jeans and audio/video conferencing.

In what format and size can I upload documents, and is there a maximum size?
There are two supported file formats pdf and doc. The maximum file size limit is 1 MB for both Resume/CV and photograph.

How do I edit/delete my profile data?
You have to sign into your account for the delete/edit your data. However, you can also update your profile for future job opportunities.

What do I do if I get into technical issues before completing the application?
Please restart your browser and try again. However, if you are still not able to complete your application, you can email your Cv/resume at hr@icap.org.pk before the end date of  the job advertisement.

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