Recruitment Process

ICAP has a global footprint and presence, which connects the abilities of talented individuals with opportunities across different markets.
We comply the following principles to attract the best Talent for ICAP:

  1. We believe that diverse voices lead to progressively meaningful discussions, strategies, competitiveness and outcomes. 
  2. We hire the best potential candidates who are enthusiastic and have the zeal to work towards the accomplishment of the mission and vision of the Institute.
  3. We employ individuals for their talents, skills, abilities and capabilities, and give them opportunities to develop their future to compete in the business world. In our recruitment process, we interview the candidates by using behavioral, situational, competency, structured and unstructured interviewing techniques, which proves the aptitude of the applicants.
  4. ICAP respects your privacy and we maintain the confidentiality of your personal details.

Recruitment Process
Our team conducts a thorough job analysis before we advertise any career opportunity, which enables us to meet our strategic objectives to a certain set of skills. We encourage you to choose the opportunity most aligned with your career aspirations.

To recruit the best talent, we post our job adverts on various channels, for example, in leading newspapers, job portals, social networking sites and on the website of the Institute. HR department maintains a database of your record for future openings through Human Resource Information System.
We follow a 6-step procedure to expedite the process of bringing an applicant onboard

Resume/CV Submission
We advertise through various sources to recruit the best talent, for example, in leading newspapers, web-based social networking and on the website of the Institute.  Candidates can apply through the provided email ID or Online through the website. HR department maintains a database of their record for future openings through Human Resource Information System.

Resume/CV Screening 
HR screens the resumes/CVs to identify the candidates matching the skills, education and experience as per the job description and specification of the position, and creates a list of shortlisted candidates. We believe in creating a diverse team to integrate a blend of culture, personality and work-style.

Induction Test
The candidates shortlisted as per the specified criteria are called for the “Employment Induction Test”.

We follow a two-step process in our interviews. The successful candidates who clear the test are called for screening interview. Those further shortlisted are called for final interview for further evaluation and finalization of the position. The candidates are evaluated on their knowledge, skills and competencies. In certain senior level roles, the candidates are interviewed by the HR Committee and approved by the EC/Council.

Reference Check
Reference checks are conducted to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the candidate after the candidate is finalized for the role/ position.

Step 6:
Final Decision/Offer
ICAP is an equal opportunity employer and believes in merit to select the best talent and organizational fit for the role. After the successful completion of reference check the job offer is made.

We welcome you to ICAP’s family and launch the start of your career at our Institute. We make sure that your workstation is ready with all the necessary equipment, so that you can begin working in an innovative and creative environment.

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