Discount Arrangements with Pak Qatar General Takaful

We are pleased to inform that Pak Qatar General Takaful has offered exclusive discount on its Takaful products to Members, Affiliates, Students and Staff of ICAP.

Following are the details of Discount;

Motor Coverage:

Motor Takaful


Comprehensive coverage with 1st year depreciation waiver on new vehicles

Comprehensive coverage with standard depreciation on above 1 year old vehicles

* No Claim Bonus: 50% depreciation waiver on claims after completing a year.
* Further details of the Motor Takaful coverage is available on A

Travel Coverage:


25% Discount

on buying annual Travel Standard policy

Ashiana – Home Content Coverage:

Home & Content Coverage

10% Discount

on buying Standard product policy

How to Avail the Offer?
You can avail this discount facility upon submission of your ICAP Card and by contacting the following;

Motor Takaful

Farhan Ali

Manager Sales & Developments


For additional contacts details click B

Travel Coverage (Safar Asaan)

Muhammad Qadir Ishaq

Assistant Manager – MISC

Home Coverage (Ashiana Takaful )

Azeem Uddin Quraishi

Vice President – Fire & Engineering

ICAP (incase of inquiry & complaints):
Syed Faraz Ali, Manager MARCOM- ICAP, 0310-0025670,



Pak Qatar General Takaful

ICAP Acceptance Letter


Please note that it is entirely the sole discretion of Members, Affiliates, Students and Employees of ICAP to avail this offer or not, based on his/her own need and judgment. ICAP is neither influencing any Member or Affiliate or Student or Employee of ICAP to opt for  Pak Qatar General Takaful’s offer nor has any responsibility whatsoever for the relationship between Pak Qatar General Takaful and Members, Affiliates, Students and Employees of ICAP if they avail the offer.

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