Health Screening of ICAP Members at Chugtai Labs across Pakistan

Health Screening Arrangements with Chugtai Labs
Health Screening of ICAP Members at Chugtai Labs across Pakistan
We are pleased to announce special discount arrangements between ICAP and Chughtai Lab exclusively for ICAP members across Pakistan. Recognizing the crucial role of medical screening in enabling early detection of health issues and promoting the overall well-being of chartered accountants, this comprehensive package encompasses thorough screenings of vital organs, including the heart, liver, kidneys, and endocrine system, for diabetes at a subsidized rate.
Chughtai Lab is a one of the leading and fully integrated human disease diagnostic concern with an extensive network of over 12 STAT labs and more than 350 collection centers, spanning across nearly all major cities (over 150 cities) of the country. This remarkable reach and infrastructure have contributed to their 40-year success story.

S# Test Name Special Rate for ICAP Members
1 CBC Rs. 5000/-
2 Lipid Profile
3 Plasma glucose fasting/ Random
4 Liver Function Test with GGT
5 Renal Function Tests

After registering, ICAP members will be contacted by the ICAP and Chughtai Lab team for testing purposes. Members have the flexibility to choose between home sampling collection services, which allow them to get tested in the comfort of their own homes, or they can opt to visit Chughtai Healthcare facilities located across Pakistan for their testing needs. The list of collection centers is available on the link mentioned below:
The detail of the discounts available on the link below;

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Chugtail Lab arrangements Details

How to Avail the Offer?
ICAP members are invited to register themselves on the ICAP online portal by following the link provided below:
It is notified that the offers extended to ICAP members, affiliates and students by any third party are shared with the members without any responsibility on the part of ICAP. By accepting any offer of the third party a member, affiliate or student or any other eligible person confirms that the responsibility of (a) the quality of the services and goods; (b) responding to any query; and (c) resolving any disputes, solely rests with the relevant vendor. ICAP shall not bear responsibility or be involved in resolving any matters related to the offers.

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